Advent 2020 #2: Bling in place

I put my Christmas bling up last night (…decorations, even? …whatever…)

The lights in the tree are pretty but my advent calendar is lacking gifts. It’s kinda not really a surprise if you live by yourself and put little gifts in there… of course, I could give myself 25 little presents, but I think that’s too much effort and a degree of insanity beyond my usual level.

Having returned from the kitchen since I wrote that last sentence – because apparently I can only write one full paragraph before I need a cup of tea – I come back needing to clarify things.

1. Yes. I did make both wall hangings.

2. I’ve just looked at the advent calendar again and remembered, from Christmases past, that it only goes up to 24, not 25.

What is that?!

It made me think I actually was a little bit more crazy than normal, standing there thinking ‘surely there’s a 25?!’ No. There’s not.

What’s the point of Christmas without Christmas? All the build up, then nothing?

As a Christian I actually feel that way when people take Jesus out of Christmas. You know, make it all about the commercialism and presents and hype. For me personally, you take the baby born in a manger out of it, and I’m left thinking, ‘What’s the point?’

Sure, there are many who would say it’s still a day off work and a chance to drink more alcohol.

Each to their own.

I’d rather have Jesus. I’d rather have the baby about which the angel said: You are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins

No Christmas. No baby.

No baby. No salvation.

No salvation. Condemnation.

I’d rather have Jesus. Give me the 25th over all the other 24.

Yours in still looking for 25 on the calendar,


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