bible’n’god blog

Welcome dear reader, is ‘a blog for the spiritually curious about all things jesus’.

It exists as a place where the casual (and perhaps not so casual) spiritual thinker can take a meander through my general musings on the major world faith of Christianity.

Posts usually pop up each week on Sunday, 10am which for many is ‘Church Time’.

Perhaps you’re interested in finding out a few things about Christianity, but walking into a Church on a Sunday morning is something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable, or even break out in a panic-induced sweat. Here, you can take a meander around a website and get a few ideas from a comfortable distance.

For the record, I am not a trained theologian. I’m an English teacher who is a Christian. I like to talk about Jesus with people who are interested in joining in the conversation, regardless of the spiritual label they give themselves.

So whoever you are, you are welcome here.

A common feature of my posts is the perspective of HNAC Alison, which means Hypothetical Not A Christian Alison. I like to consider things from others’ perspectives as I write and put myself in the shoes of someone who might be interested in Christianity but finds things within the whole realm of ‘Churchland’ unknown, confusing and perhaps even plain off-putting.

Feel free to send me a general comment.

Yours in blogging,