Advent 2018 #15: Time for a cuppa

I think it’s always time for a cuppa, and I’m currently drinking ice tea because it really is the weather for it.

Driving to my sewing class this morning I came across some signs that you often see, particularly on a weekend. Consider the above a free promotional for a certain company.

I mentioned a number of days ago that my car radio no longer works. However, the cassette player in the car still works (yep, the future is now…).

I discovered that I had An Aussie Christmas Album on cassette in my car so I’ve been driving around listening to it and this morning was no different. I really should upgrade and buy it on CD… 🙂 (That’s supposed to be a joke).

Talking about open hearts, minds, doors and homes reminds me of one of the songs on it: Good Old Wally King. It’s a rewrite of the traditional carol, Good King Wenceslas.

For a ‘parody’ song it actually brings a tear to my eye and not from laughter.

I think it rather simply, but profoundly, encapsulates all the ideas of Christmas generosity and hospitality that we desire.

I leave you with the lyrics to finish this post as another afternoon storm rolls through.

Good old Wally King looked out
On his crop of barley
Bless my soul and blow me down
That looks to me like Charlie
Haven’t seen him round these parts
For many a long year
Reckon I might offer him
A glass of Christmas cheer

Agnes put the kettle on
Quick as you are able
Let us make a another place
For him at the table
He looks a little worse for wear
His clothes are old and baggy
It’s a long and weary road
For an honest swaggie

Mates they’d been in years before
Now the two were older
And so he welcomed Charlie in
Hand upon his shoulder
Gladly those three feasted there
And in the warmth of sharing
The Christmas season brought again
A time of peace and caring

Yours in openness,


Image Credit: Personal Collection

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