Special Post: The Making of Us

Hello Readers,

As previously mentioned, I regularly read Sheridan Voysey’s blog. I have also read some of his books and I think they’re quite good. Sheridan’s got a new book, The Making of Us that is soon to hit bookstores and other such places where you buy books.


Here’s his promo clip which not only makes me want to read his book, but also go for a wander through some rather pastoral UK landscapes.

Below also, is his abridged version of ‘The Creed’. In Sheridan’s words: “I wanted to craft a statement – a creed of sorts – that would pull together what I’d learned while writing my new book, The Making of Us. Something that captured what matters most in life. Something to read regularly to guide me forward.”

‘The Creed’ is also a great clip. The line that seems to be getting the most chat on social media is the closing one: “For the hand that spins the galaxies wants me here.” Great stuff.

The Making of Us launches in the UK on March 19 and April 16 in Australia.

Yours in promotion,


Image Credits: Both images – Sheridan Voysey

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