#45 Attitude of Gratitude

Early in spring in Australia, and already the bushfire season has begun. Bushfires are nothing new, but at this time of year the intensity of the fires is unmatched on the records.

Already in Queensland and NSW, houses have been lost in the blazes of the last few days. In Sydney, the wind across those days has made it clear just how difficult it would be to be trying to battle a fire in these unpredictable conditions. An older fireman is reported as being in hospital suffering the effects of smoke inhalation. It’s not a pretty way to begin spring.

This of course follows on top of a winter where very little, if any, rain has fallen. Water storage across rural areas is ludicrously low. Even Sydney’s Warragamba Dam is at 49.5%.

On Friday night’s news, the ABC went out to northern NSW. Assessing the situation of the fires in his area, one man described it as ‘proper bad’.

Proper bad. He’s exactly right.

I don’t have any connection to Aussie farmers other than when I go to the supermarket. It’s then that I’m reminded how tough the people who put the food on my plate are doing.

I think we need pray more for this land. We need to pray for rain. We need to pray for our dam levels. We need to pray for our farmers. We need to pray they will have hope.

Why not say grace before you eat your next meal?

Why not say ‘thanks’ for those who provided it for you?

Why not pray for an Aussie farmer today?

They’re doing it tough and they’re working for us. If you can’t speak to one of them, maybe speak to God instead and thank him for them.

I just did.

Yours in gratitude,


Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

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