Advent 2019 #6: Silly Season

Apparently December is the silly season: when we do ridiculous things we don’t do normally. Presumably this is ignited by the knowledge that the holidays are almost at the door, mixed in with perhaps putting a little too much ‘merry’ into your ‘Merry Christmas’.

However, for many, Christmas is anything but silly. In fact, it’s just down right depressing. The need to buy presents and share food when you haven’t got too much money right now. The need to celebrate on Christmas Day with family and friends when you don’t feel as though you have too many of those around.

Some people don’t have anyone at all.

The need to reflect on the year that was… and wishing that it hadn’t been. Nothing silly. It’s just sad.

And when everyone around you is ‘in a festive mood’ it just makes things worse. Being fake happy is never fun.

When the angels visited the shepherds out in the fields on the very first Christmas, they brought a message that the Christ child had been born.

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” They said.

Sometimes it feels like the joy of Christmas is only for a few: the wealthy, the well-connected and the lucky. But that’s not what the angel said: Great joy for all people.

And joy isn’t about being fake happy either. Joy is ever present, even when you’re depressed, troubled or down and out.

And it’s for everyone at Christmas time.

Yours in joy,


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