Advent 2019 #10: The Gift of Gardening

If you’ve read previous posts, you’ll know that I attempt to grow things on my balcony, with varying degrees of success. Gardening is great and rewarding, if you actually know what you’re doing.

I’m certainly thankful that my food supply and livelihood is not dependent on my gardening skills (you should see my bean pot now; definitely not feeding me anything, anymore). I think knowing that, gives me a little insight into the anxiety that someone living in poverty could have, if they didn’t have the skills, knowledge or equipment needed to grow their own food or sell it.

Gift Three

In a country like Australia, where so much of our wealth is dependent on agriculture, this gift really hits home too. The battling of the elements, most recently the severe lack of rain, is enough to get you worried.

In fact it makes you feel powerless. It feels like we need an act of God to get us out of this one. We need to know that God’s on our side.

Sometimes at Christmas, I must admit, I’m a little disappointed with gifts that people give me. Then I remember that I never asked them for a particular gift and just left it in their hands.

That’ll learn me.

Now, I’m not about to turn this post into a discursive on the different perspectives regarding climate change. Regardless of what impact such things may or may not be having on Australia (and anywhere else), when it comes to God and miracles, I think that’s irrelevant.

Rain would be a great gift this Christmas time. Have we asked God to put it on his list?

The gift of being able to garden: in poverty or paddock, is a precious gift. Why not give that gift to someone this Christmas? You could pay for it, or you might pray for it. God wants us to ask.

Either way it’s a great present.

Yours in praying it forward,


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