Advent 2019 #15: Christmas Carols Choir

This evening is our community carols event at Church for 2019.

I’ve got my name down to sing in the choir. This post will be brief because I need to practise/warm up my voice after its having been broken recently.

My kitchen bench recently… the Lemsip must have been in the work bag at the time…

Why do Christians sing at Christmas time? Why do Christians sing anytime?

I know some people who visit Church find it a bit odd to stand and sing at various points in the gathering. I remember someone once pointing out that no one finds it odd to stand and sing at a music concert or at a sporting event.

They sing to show their allegiance to the band or the team or the country.

It’s no different at Church. We sing to show our allegiance to Jesus. We sing at Christmas time because we want to celebrate his birth. And when you want to truly celebrate something, who doesn’t sing (and sometimes even dance a little)?

If Jesus is everything he claims to be, then there’s more than enough reasons to sing when we reflect on his birth.

Now I should probably go do a throat gargle…

Yours in singing,


Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

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