Advent 2020 #8: Christmas Ron

I was looking at my garden, that is, a solitary pot plant yesterday and thinking about how it needed some attention. It’s a solid geranium that’s powering on, on my balcony, despite the green caterpillar – and its plentiful progeny – which are continually eating it.

I was also looking at the additions to my garden that I have purchased, which you see below. Clearly they have not made it into pots on my balcony or been “planted” in the case of the strawberries. It’s on the ‘to do’ list but keeps getting pushed aside due to other things which need to be prioritised.

I’ll get around to it later on, aka Ron.

Then of course my mother whatsapps through her colourful (and green) garden bed to the family.

She’s retired. I’m not. That’s my excuse. She’s also got a lot more space to work with in an entire backyard.

I’d love to get around to having lots of colours on my balcony (Heck… I’d love a backyard). Other stuff just keeps getting in the way.

Perhaps that’s how we are with God sometimes. We mean to look into it and find out what Christianity’s all about, but then… we don’t…

“It’ll happen” we say. “Later on. When I’ve got the time.”

Yet, that specific Ron has a way of being very elusive. And so, we never really investigate it properly. Yet we’d spend plenty of hours investigating a whole range of things which are really quite trivial (if Christianity is true).

You don’t buy a car without doing your research. You don’t buy a house without checking out the place thoroughly. You don’t make any major life decision on a whim.

So why do that with God?

Christmas is the perfect time to investigate. There’s so much to explore and so many places where you can find out more. Don’t be satisfied with just tins and packets. Get the full bloom this Christmas.

Yours in following up a lead,


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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