Advent 2020 #17: A little bit happy

The pin cushion was finally finished!

And not only that…

A second pin cushion (there was even a third but it looked terrible…)

I got my Christmas Bling Bean Bags ready just in time for my colleagues… and did a photo shoot in the early hours of yesterday morning before taking them in to gift to others. As I did my photo shoot I did have a moment’s pause when I looked at the cushions and I realised I was a little bit happy with them.

After starting with a pile of Christmas fabric scraps (and I still have a pile of Christmas fabric scraps, it’s just a smaller pile…) they’ve turned into some rather lovely Christmas cushions, if I do say so myself.

I feel like working my way through some more of the scraps and getting a head start on next year while I’m in the mood. Actually I already have a head start on next year, because as I wandered around work yesterday with my green ‘Santa sacks’ full of jams and cushions no one selected the pin cushions.

That’s some market research I’m happy with because they are a pain to make. With all this talk of gifts and my sense of achievement, I feel the need for a reminder:

There’s no Christmas without Christ; because without Christ it’s nothing.

So whether there are cushions or cake and pudding, hot turkey or cold ham… it doesn’t matter!

“Jesus is the reason for the season” as they say – and he is. Gifting Christmas cushions is nice; Christ will change your life.

As snazzy as I consider my cushions to be, they’ll never do that.

Yours in focusing on the reason,


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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