Advent 2021 #5: The Good Enough Christmas

Yesterday, I discovered another reason why it was a great idea to not go with the big tree: way too much stuff in my garage I’d need to move around to get it.

Small tree: big win.

It was a few days into December but I put my Christmas tree “up” yesterday at the same time as listening through the first Christmas album for the month. Casting Crowns: thank-you, yet again. Helped me get start to get the “Christmas feels”.

Didn’t assist me get the Christmas decorations though. Again, too much stuff in the garage to get to that box too. Fortunately, in previous years, I’ve put the box of decorations away, only to discover that there’s still a few lying around the apartment. So, I’ve evidently chucked them in a box with some Christmas card.

During lockdown I did a throw out of old cards and found a small pile of decorations.

Thank-you Jesus… and now my tree is done.

North-West on the tree could look a little better, I admit. You can also see the shadow of my salt and pepper shakers at seven o’clock. Cropped them out after taking the photo.

So, it’s a little shabby… but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the “Good Enough Christmas” way.

Let me just go hit play again with Casting Crowns

My lack-lustre approach to Christmas 2021 does again cause me to reflect on some of the truths of Christmas. In particular the concept of “good enough”. Whilst I wouldn’t want to take away from the reverence that is expressed by many in getting Christmas “just right”, I also want to reflect on the fact that we can never get Christmas “just right”.

If Christmas is about “God with Us” then we have to reflect on the why he came in the first place.

It’s because we weren’t “good enough” at all; not even close.

It’s very easy to judge those “outside the sacred circle” when you’re inside the ring; but to do so is to completely misunderstand the message of The Bible.

We might marvel at serene scenes of (supposedly) silent donkeys and gently bleating lambs and think it looks perfect. However, as I look at the face of the baby in the manger I see him looking back at me and saying “Not good enough”. Not in a harsh way, but as a word of truth.

Because I’m not good enough for God; not even close. The only one good enough was the one in the manger.

As we look into his face though, we can also see the keys to the kingdom, which are ours for the taking, no matter who we are, or what we’ve done. Regardless of whether you think you’re “good enough” or not.

And no matter your tree size, that’s a big win.

Yours in dreaming of a good enough Christmas,


Photo by Luna Lovegood on

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