Advent 2021 #10: Good Cheer

After yesterday’s feeling that there had to be a bit more to the meaning of Christmas, I’ve decided to have a look around my city and see what some Christian organisations and charities are getting up to this year.

I’m not saying this is the sum total of what Christmas is about, but God did come as a gift to us at Christmas time. How are the people who claim to be part of his tribe going about paying it forward this year? Here’s a random sample of what groups around Sydney are doing this year to spread the love, or cheer, as it is, at this time of year…

Wayside Chapel

Every year, Wayside Chapel provide for the homeless and socially isolated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. This Christmas, among other activities, they are holding their Christmas Picnic lunch in King’s Cross. In the seven days leading up to Christmas they will also be holding free lunches to the community. As they say on their website: In every way, we are going to show people that they are loved and not forgotten. Because no one should go hungry or be alone at Christmas.

You can find out more about them here.

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child

Otherwise known as “the shoeboxes”. This one is quite an exercise in logistics. Getting a shoebox packed and ready to be sent to a child living in poverty overseas… and doing this in a number of different sending countries and delivering to a number of different receiving countries – is no small feat.

Presided over by Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son), Samaritan’s Purse exists to help those in need, following Jesus’ command at the end of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, to “go and do likewise”.

You can read that very parable here and find out more about Operation Christmas Child here.

I chose these two groups because I personally donated to them this year, but I’m sure there are others around the city of Sydney spreading the good cheer and good news. I might take a look at a few more groups later this week…

Yours in going and doing likewise,


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