#166 Your Kingdom Come

‘Kingdom come.’ Now there’s a phrase you don’t hear too much nowadays. Seems rather old fashioned. In popular vernacular I feel like the most recent usage was an expression of the desire for someone to hurry up: ‘Can’t you move faster? I don’t want to be here until kingdom come.’

I haven’t heard that one for a while though.

You do hear talk about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic worlds, dystopias and the word Armageddon also gets pulled out every now and again. This usually happens when there’s a particular natural disaster at hand that causes destruction.

But why are Christians praying for the end of the world anyway? Seems rather morbid when you think about it.

Well, it’s more likely that they are praying about the ‘kingdom mission’.

Companies these days are big on the ‘mission statement’ along with their values and attitudes, goals, visions, working principles, action plans and so on… Regardless of whether these things actually happen within a company (or school for that matter) these ideas, usually found on a website, are how companies represents themselves to the world.

What is the mission statement of Jesus’ kingdom?

To make disciples from all nations. That’s what’s being prayed about here.

Yours in the making,


Photo by NO NAME on Pexels.com

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