#182 Badge of Progress

Finally, the NAPLAN marking came to an end on Friday, and I can get my afternoons back! Consequently, I felt it was time to end my posts on progress in the Christian life and as I often do, I planned to write my final progress post, after my Saturday morning umpiring on the netball court.

In a previous post, I reflected on my lack of confidence (and ability) as an umpire. Over the past few weeks, I’ve grown in confidence and taken some baby steps in the right direction of progressing with my skills.

Unawares to me, as I umpired yesterday, I was being watched by an association member. They do this from time to time and hand out umpiring badges. So I was given one at half time.

Now, this badge essentially means nothing. It’s not a grading, it’s merely a step in the right direction and – one might say – progress. Or, more correctly, acknowledgement of progress.

It’s a “Hey, we noticed you were getting better and just thought we’d let you know and encourage you.”

It was good to know I was making progress.

How often do we acknowledge each others’ progress in the Christian life?

Sure, it’s questionable as to how exactly it should be done. Perhaps in our concern to not present a theology of works (versus grace) we’ve let this one slide of the radar a bit.

Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone needs to know that they’re making progress. And that it’s been noted.

Something to think about.

Yours in making note,


Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

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