#196 Not a workaholic God

In NSW our third school term for the year is now (finally) over and there is a reprieve of holidays for two weeks. For this I am thankful.

My thankfulness is not just to the term calendar but to God, who is a God of rest.

It is worth pausing momentarily to remind ourselves that the God of The Bible is not a workaholic and yet ‘neither slumbers nor sleeps’. That is a tension that my human brain cannot really fathom.

However, I know that there are many things about God that my human brain will never be able to fathom and so I can rest (yes, rest) in the knowledge that he understands how that tension is possible.

For us humans though, we can know that God has built in the rhythm of work and rest into our lives. Holidays are part of the biblical model of living. The Jews called it Sabbath.

We can take a break and we can rest and know that in doing so we are exercising our faith that God is still at work, holding the world together.

Yours in taking a break,


Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

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