Advent 2022 #16: The North Wind

In my trawling around YouTube, I have just come across this updated version of The North Wind by Nerida Cuddy.

Originally written by William J. James and John Wheeler, this Australian Christmas Carol (and others like it) is fantastic in its acknowledgement of what Australia, and the Southern Hemisphere are like in December. None of that Frosty the Snowman sort of weather.

I also love the chorus in this song:

As we lift up our voices and sing
To the Christ-child, the heavenly king

Succinct and clear, these lyrics explain why we sing at Christmas time; or more importantly, who we sing to at Christmas time.

I used to sing this carol at primary school, but it may be a new one for some reading this.

I hope you enjoy it, and well done to Nerida for her writing of two additional, and very fitting verses. She has a lovely voice too.

Yours in Australia,


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