#36 Christian Rock

By the time this post jumps online, I should be in Bandung, Indonesia. In view of that fact, I have again dropped a lazy post this week: another YouTube clip.

I came across this one during the past week. It’s a bunch of American dudes; some of whom are musicians and some others who appear to be DJs on Christian radio stations.

It’s a ‘guess the song’ battle where the songs are all 1990s Christian hits. Two of the guys playing – Toby Mac and Michael W. Smith – were pretty big on the Christian music scene back then and still are now. (Is it just me or does Michael W. Smith look so much older than I remember him?)

Anyhow, for me it was entertaining viewing and a trip down memory lane. And for the record, I guessed a couple of the songs before they did (I think my childhood flashed before my eyes whilst viewing this clip).

If you’re not familiar with the songs, I guess it’ll be an educative viewing of the “who’s (been) who” of the Christian music industry over the past couple of decades (and sometimes longer). Enjoy!

Yours in Indonesia,


Image Credit: I had to pick one image to sum up 1990s Christian music: I think this one wins hands down. DC Talk photography from the album jacket of Jesus Freak. Luv is a verb and seminal is the word. (I am aware that ‘Luv is a verb’ was not on the Jesus Freak album) Image from Spotify

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