#37 Then and Now

At about the same time as I was blogging last week, the latest clip from Toby Mac popped up in my phone’s YouTube feed. So, after referring to Toby and DC Talk in last week’s post, I thought I’d do a bit of a ‘then and now’ to show how the music’s progressed over the past three decades.

So here’s the first clip: Luv is a Verb.

Released in 1992 and performed by DC Talk which was made up of Toby Mac (although it was McKeehan in those days), Michael Tait and Kevin Max. I haven’t heard much from Kevin Max for a little while, but the other two are powering on either solo or in other groups.

I actually still have a remix of Luv is a Verb on CD and I have a clear memory of dancing around to the original track in my cousins’ lounge room. I assume that was in either ’92 or ’93. I love the fashion, head banging and dancing in general in the clip.

Fast forward to the latest track from Toby, which is fittingly called: Hello Future. 

The clip isn’t much, but it’s a decent track to listen to, at any rate.

Having heard it from Toby’s own mouth (via another YouTube clip in which he’s wearing exactly what he was in last week’s clip…current uniform for the latest tour??), I can tell you what the song is about:

It’s about learning tough lessons. It’s about learning that going on ahead can lead to pain. It’s about the fact that sometimes going back or turning around is the best thing to do. It’s about joy.

Yours in time travel,


Image Credit: from YouTube

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