Advent 2019 #3: Being Ready

Christmas and December do seem to bring a rather large amount of stress with them. In Googling to get some ideas for this post, I came across another blog entitled “19 Things you can do now to get ready for Christmas Early” (Just 19?)

I also like to be organised and every year tell myself that I’ll be ready for Christmas in time. I actually managed to have presents wrapped in September this year (can you believe it!?). That is a first and I’m sure a last. It’ll NEVER happen again.

Holidaying in Japan and buying presents then is what made it happen. Once you pull them out of your luggage, why not wrap them before you pack them away again? I’m sure I was avoiding doing something else at the time. 🙂

However, whilst the present front for family is well in order, I’m lagging behind on everything else… and I don’t like that. I like to be organised. To be ready.

Yet it strikes me that this doesn’t really sit in line with the whole first Christmas.

Was Mary ready for an angel to rock up in her home?

Was she ready to be a teenage mother?

Was Joseph ready to be embroiled in a scandal and go separate ways from Mary?

Were the pair of them ready to parent the Saviour of the world?

I’m guessing they weren’t. Yet that’s how they found themselves.

So, if you find yourself rushing around frantically, confused and somewhat overwhelmed by everything you’ve got to do in December… think of Mary and Joseph. There’s nothing wrong with being organised, but if you’re not ready for Christmas, that’s OK.

Neither were Mary and Joseph.

Yours in feigning organisation,


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