Advent 2019 #2: Patchwork Pine

I often read letters from Christian organisations about women learning to sew.

These women have experienced various types of trauma around the world and they have come in contact with mission groups in their recovery process. They have been given lessons, learnt skills and received a sewing machine. Usually this happens as a result of charitable giving from those of us in more wealthy nations.

When I sew, it’s usually for pleasure, to make myself some clothes, give a gift to someone else or… make a Christmas decoration.

tree 2

For women around the world, learning to sew can lead to starting a business. Starting a business can lead to moving out of poverty and being able to care for themselves after tragedy and trauma.

I don’t have to feel guilty for sewing for pleasure, and I don’t. However, as well as hanging a patchwork pine on my wall in December, I can look at it and remember how being able to sew some fabric together can change a life.

Christmas is all about changing others’ lives, for the better. I believe Jesus came to change our lives; change the world. He said: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

In December we can do that for someone else, perhaps a woman who lives in poverty or has experienced trauma. If you’d like to join me in that endeavour, follow the links below.

Yours in blessing others,


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