#103 Remember and Reflect

I discovered something this week.

I discovered that even if they don’t put the little card in your letterbox to say that there’s a parcel been delivered, it doesn’t matter. That text or email they sent you a few days back now was all the notification you’re getting.

Clearly I’m a fan of tangibility, which is not great in the digital age.

Give me a physical card reminder that I can magnitise to my fridge any day over some text popping up on my phone that I’ll have forgotten about in an hour. Yet the physical card also seems to give additional assurance of the parcel’s arrival, in a way that the text message doesn’t.

I know of many who are disinterested in Christianity because they complain that we can’t see God and therefore you can’t know that he’s real. However, if you’re fine with the intangibility of the digital age, you should be fine with the intangibility of God.

It’s me who’s clearly not dealing with the digital landscape…

… which led to my mid-week standing at the post office and finding out that all my Christmases had come at once… “Oh, there’s three parcels in for me at the moment? I was wondering what happened with those. There was a message but then the card in the letterbox never came.”

Top Tip: Australia Post is getting a little lax on the cards. Don’t wait for them.

Note: Three parcels can be heavy to carry all at the same time. Don’t say I’m not looking out for you…

At this point the post is going to turn into a shameless plug for one of the books in the parcels… 🙂

Amusingly this is the page I turned to when I decided to take a picture of the inside of the book.

I’m yet to read Reflect (so I can’t give you any review, just a general recommendation of Sheridan’s writing) because I’ve spent my afternoons HSC marking this past week. I might be more in luck this coming week…

As may be four other people, because I did buy five copies of the book. That’s probably a few Christmas presents sorted.

Yours in the mail,


If you’d like to buy a copy of Sheridan’s book, go here

Image Credit: Image from Goughlui

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