#104 Take us to the river

There are some weeks when it’s really just time to go and sit on a rock. Those are the weeks when you are spent and there’s no point trying to do anything more, because you can’t, and so the best place to be is close to the water’s edge.

You feel in your soul that you’re being pulled there. Perhaps it’s a ‘womb-thing’. A week when it’s time to crawl back into the foetal position, so you may as well get the whole deal.

Perhaps it was a need to get outdoors too. Although it evidently wasn’t a need to join the runners moving along on the pedestrian and cycle path behind me. It was a different type of outdoors need…

It was a Be still and know that I am God moment.

There you go, I’ve managed to redeem my laziness with a Bible verse. How righteous of me… Hmmm.

Although it really was that. A chance to sit. To think. To pray. To watch the world around you. To notice the guy doing push ups at the water’s edge 20 metres away and be glad that it’s not you.

To just breathe.

To see God’s goodness in the creation around you. The cool wind. The rhythmic splash of the waves. The golden sunlight of God’s goodness reflecting up at you. Even the irritating wading birds can’t ruin it.

It was a moment to hang out: just me and Jesus. They’re always the best chats. You don’t even have to say anything. He just knows.

And it’s not imaginary friends or voices in your head (although sometimes there are promptings). It’s a real relationship. It’s meeting with God.

You don’t have to do it at the water’s edge. You can do it in the middle of the city or on a busy street in suburbia. You can meet him up high in the air, or deep under the sea (if submarines are you thing, I guess…).

And it’s very easy to do. Just find a spot. Stop. And commune. You can speak out loud or keep it in your head.

If you believe Obi Wan Kenobi can hear Luke Skywalker’s thoughts and speak into his mind, then I can’t see what your problem is with thinking God can do the same.

Why not find yourself a “rock” this week?

Yours in recovery mode,


Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

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