Advent 2020 #1: Kick off…

So, apparently it’s December. Personally, I lost track of time back in April. Without all those usual markers through the year, it’s easy to get a bit lost.

A few days back, a new Robbie Williams track dropped into my feed. It’s called You can’t stop Christmas and I think it sums up how many people around the world are feeling after a year of battling a virus.

The sentiment of the song is that people will still be festive, gifting one another and drinking celebratory wine come December. However, the song did get me thinking… You can’t stop Christmas

It’s actually 100% correct. You couldn’t stop the first Christmas. God had planned it long before. He was always going to send the Christ child into the world to save us all. When God plans something and promises it, it happens.

You can’t stop Christmas. But what is Christmas anyway?

It’s the official celebration of Jesus’ birth; of Jesus’ entry into this world.

It’s a celebration of God meeting us all where we are at, coming into our space and showing us he cares.

You can’t stop God doing that, because that’s who he is; it’s his character. And, no matter whether you want them to or not, you can’t stop Christians celebrating Christ and his coming into the world; because that’s what Christians do every day.

You can’t stop Christmas. It’s true.

So there you go, Robbie Williams and his ‘catholic shame’ have hit the nail on the head. What a way to start the advent blogs for 2020.

Cheers to you Robbie. Have a red on me.

Yours in agreement,


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