Advent 2020 #4: Christmas Parody

I’ve been watching some vlogs from the Holderness family in the US this year. They popped up for me around lockdown time in NSW and I’ve been watching them intermittently ever since.

Recently they did two Hallmark movie parodies which were rather amusing, the second even more so than the first in my opinion. Here they are for you:

Now, I’ve never watched a Hallmark movie, but I get the point from their parodies.

Sure, those movies are for a particular audience and with a particular purpose, but they do highlight this concept that ‘everything’s supposed to be right at Christmas’. All the bad stuff gone. Just Christmas goodness left.

But why do we think this? Where does the mythology come from?

Something to ponder (seriously) for the next 24 hours after you watch the clips (not so seriously).

Yours in leaving you hanging,


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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