Advent 2020 #3: A stitch in December

“And what would you like for Christmas?”

The usual question about people’s Christmas wishes surfaces at this time of December. Although, Santa will be asking the question from 2 metres away – no joke, saw the footage on the news last night. That’s some strange Santa photos on offer this year.

But social distancing or not, what’s your Christmas wish this December?

At this point in time, my Christmas wish is to actually have a chance to sew together some of the Christmas gifts I was planning on making… I haven’t even started yet. Why is there never enough time?

I’ve got the fabric out of the drawer at least, but it’s got no further than that.

Less work and more grace. Isn’t Christmas about that? Christmas is supposed to be about stopping and being thankful for all the good things in life. Family, friends and – if you believe in him – thankful for God and what he’s done for you.

It’s pretty hard to reflect on the goodness of life or God if you’re too busy running around everywhere. So maybe it’s time to make that Christmas wish come true. If the essence of Christmas is giving, then sometimes it’s the right thing to just give yourself a break.

God’s all good with us taking a Sabbath. He invented them.

So when this December starts getting too frenetic, it doesn’t matter whether you like sewing or not, make sure you go easy on yourself. Tell yourself to take a break. Tell yourself it’s what Jesus would want you to do.

Because he would.

He came to give us a break from our sin. Taking a moment to do some therapeutic sewing is nothing.

Yours in sorting Christmas fabric,


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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