Advent 2020 #10: #Blessed

As this year comes to its long anticipated close, it’s worthwhile as always to pause and take stock of the good things in our lives. Sure, this year has left many feeling devastated at worst, frustrated at best. Yet that’s no reason to not stop and be thankful for the good things the year has held.

It make take a bit more thinking than usual, but that’s OK. As they say, “It is, what it is.”

Christians believe that God is the provider of all good things and so it’s right to thank Him for the blessings in our lives. As a child, many of my prayers would start with “Thank-you God, for…” It’s still a great sentence starter for prayers in adulthood.

“In 2020, thank-you God for…

The chance to upskill myself in the technology department (It’s true! I actually enjoy marking student work on my tablet now… and online submission is the best!)

The chance to slow down a bit after the craziness of teaching in lockdown. After a few days of a manic frenzy getting everything online, you realised how overboard it all was and were able to ‘let go’ a bit. Post-lockdown my priorities are better. I always wanted to work less at home. As a result of the pandemic, I do.

The fact that I increased my exercise frequency – it was all we could do at one point!

The improved priorities leading to reading more books in 2020 than usual (I think)

The chance to coach a Netball team – regardless of whether I have any idea of what I’m doing or not!

The way in which we were still able to connect with people despite being distant from them. I am happy with all Professional Development from now on being online. To not have to go anywhere is actually so productive.

I zoomed/video conferenced my direct family members (interstate and overseas) more than I ever have before. This significantly increased the amount of “face to face” contact I had with them in any given year.

The fact that state border closures have been relaxed so I can see one of my brothers and his family at Christmas time. (Sadly that will not be happening with my brother in the UK… but we’re being thankful)

So, there are actually lots of things for which I can be thankful.

2020, it’s a mess… but still look for how you’ve been blessed.

Yours in spontaneous poetry,


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