Advent 2020 #12: Cardinals

A few nights back, I finally got around to starting to sew gifts. First of all, I started making some pin cushions. Small hexagons that are supposed to be hand sewn are not great for machining, but it’s faster.

This particular pin cushion features the cardinal bird, which online research tells me is a native bird in North America. Interestingly, additional online reading identifies spiritual symbolism associated with the cardinal. This I had no idea about when I started the pin cushion. It’s just Christmas fabric to me.

Apparently in folklore the cardinal is considered a visitor from heaven: a connection between God and humanity.

The message of Christmas according to Christianity is that God has sent us a connection, or life line, if you will. The message is this – “I care about you. Here is my son to prove it. If you want to connect with me, connect with him.”

Maybe that’s why the cardinal is featured so much in Christmas fabric?

Meanwhile, the pin cushion project remains on the go. With all the wadding I have in my sewing drawers, you’d think I’d have the right stuff, right? Nope.

Yours in the middle of a sewing project,


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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