Advent 2021 #1: Did someone say December?

Apparently it’s December.

I’m feeling low on Christmas Cheer. Hopefully that’ll build over the next 25 days.

At this stage, I know I’m supposed to be counting those days. However, in all honesty, I’m not counting those 25, I’ve got my own little 12 days of Christmas going that I’m counting.

12 more school days in NSW for they year, that is…

12 more days and still so much to do. Why is that always the way? Now bring in Christmas too and the stress just increases.

It’s times like these I remind myself that the first Christmas was stressful. Personally I’d prefer the “good news and great joy” to be resonating more so in my December, though. O Come, O Come overdue school holidays…

It’s been a pretty scrappy year. As the sewing saying goes: if life gives you scraps, make quilts.

Well, if the year gives you scraps, make towels, I say. Christmas towels that is…

I like to make gifts, don’t I?

Especially when it’s sewing, I’m usually using up scraps, although everything above was purchased specifically for this Advent. I’ve prepared a stash of scraps for other gifts that are all ready to sew.

This means I’m not wasting money or buying more and more stuff that will only be thrown away eventually. It’s good stewardship of God’s planet during Advent, I like to think.

It’s also pleasurable to sew, for me. It’s free therapy and leisure time.

I think God’s very OK with that, too.

We live in such a work-oriented society in the modern western world. Sitting down to enjoy yourself and sew can bring on feelings of ‘what else should I be doing right now?’.

Guilt from leisure. It’s not Biblical.

“There’s a time and a season for all things under heaven” for sure. There’s a time to work and a time to rest: granted.

But… I don’t think God’s got any problem with me using the Advent season to bring out my sewing machine. If he sent his son to bring “good news and great joy” then he actually wants us to have joy.

What that looks like for everyone is different. Sewing may be the last thing on the planet that would bring you joy. Whatever it is for you, give yourself permission to find joy this December.

Give yourself some grace.

Yours in seeking joy,


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