Advent 2021 #2: Just for the kiddos

I’m not going to bother putting up my usual tree this year. I made that decision during lockdown.

I really didn’t think I could be bothered. The lugging of the massive tree up the stairs into the apartment was a significant deterrent. I just couldn’t see myself doing it.

So I got myself online and ordered something a little smaller.

Thank-you Target.

Yesterday, I moved it from the floor of my second bedroom aka ‘study’ (or “library”, if you will) and placed it onto the table. That’s enough for one day 😉

I’d only just finished HSC marking so that was about all the energy I could muster. I might decorate it today, but there’s a Year 12 formal to get to as well (that should have been in November…).

See? I knew I wouldn’t have the energy for a whole tree. Well done to my September self for that true prophecy.

I also decided to get a smaller tree, because I could just see myself wondering in December why there was a massive tree in my living room. Reason being, that I don’t have any children and it struck me that at least in my mind: the tree is for the kiddos to enjoy.

Is that right? Or Wrong? And does it even matter, anyway?

When it comes to trees, I don’t think it really matters. However, if that’s how I, or anyone thinks about Christmas itself – that we can’t be bothered – then it does matter.

Because Christmas isn’t about the tree. Or the tinsel. Or the food. Or even the family.

Christmas is about Christ.

I don’t think my “can’t be bothered with the tree” sentiment in anyway corelates with my thoughts about Christ at Christmas. Yet, it causes me to pause and consider whether I’m thinking about Him enough at Christmas time.

Or if apathy has taken hold more than it should have. Or even, that I think Christmas is not really for those above a certain age.

If Christmas is about Christ, then it’s definitely for more than just the kiddos to enjoy.

Yours in festive minimalism,


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