Advent 2021 #15: Tree Trimming

10 days to go…

December feels like it is powering along well and truly after Monday night when I went on an excursion with the International Students at school.

Having grown up with Christmas all around (as the parody song says…) it’s hard to consider growing up where Christmas isn’t a big deal. However, when migrants arrive in my classroom and tell me that Australia is a Christian country, I do have to correct their thinking… a little… but perhaps not too much.

It’s all a matter of perspective, really.

People choose to live in Australia for a number of reasons. Some, once here, want to experience Christmas, the Aussie way – whatever that means!

So we gave the students something along those lines on Monday.

It involved a lot of decorating, gingerbread and icing, bonbons, gifts and, of course, trees and lights.

We decorated a tree.

We also saw a #tree at Martin Place in Sydney.

You can decide for yourself which effort you prefer.

Whichever that one is, both express the sentiment of celebration and joy.

And no matter the size of your tree or what you put on it, that’s the response to the birth of Christ that we all should have: celebration and joy.

A new day will dawn on us from above
because our God is loving and merciful.
He will give light to those who live in the dark
and in death’s shadow.
He will guide us into the way of peace.

Christ does this at Christmas time, and all year round for anyone who asks for his mercy, regardless of where you are in the world.

Yours in tree comparisons,


Photo by Luna Lovegood on

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