Advent 2021 #16: Festive Streaming

I don’t pay for streamed TV. I don’t watch enough TV to warrant churning out the dosh. I’m bad enough with not getting value for money when it comes to my gym membership. I should probably also cancel Audible while I think of it…

However, I have discovered that The Chosen (which I of course, have not watched) have served up a Christmas special available as of 3 days ago.

Here’s a sneaky trailer:

There’s also a music special in connection with the movie. You can find out more about it here:

Having just watched the music trailer, I’ve discovered that among other musicians, for King and Country are featured. This means I will be ticking that category for this post.

And I was trying so hard to avoid them this advent blogging, too 😉

But don’t you worry, I have been listening to their Christmas album.

The Chosen looks great, but if you haven’t got the time right now, while you bustle about, you can pop on the Smallbone brothers in the background. You can find them here.

Yours in avoiding paying for what she’s not using,


Photo by Luna Lovegood on

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