Advent 2021 #18: On a mission

I hit the shops yesterday morning. Top Ryde to be exact. I was on a mission.

Get to Kmart. Buy 7 of the same item. Then get the heck out of there asap.

The rise in covid case numbers in recent days was partly why I wanted to get the heck out of there. I also just didn’t want to be in the shops for any longer than necessary.

Covid or no covid there are times of year when I love to window shop. Christmas isn’t one of those times of year. I make a list. I check it twice. Then I get myself back home, thanking you kindly.

Hence my ‘on a mission’ status, with non-blinkered vision as I made my way to Kmart. Side stepping women and children, overtaking crawling trolleys and daydreamers at will. Nothing was slowing me down.

Then I saw the guy from the Salvos standing there with his big red bucket.

On my way back, I thought, as I jumped on the travellator beside him.

I did as I promised, putting my coin purse in my pocket at the Kmart checkout: despite paying by card, unusual behaviour for me. I wanted to ensure a speedy drop of coins into the bucket as I passed by the stand once more.

Instead I fumbled; and had difficulty getting the coins in the slot. This gave the guy time to look at me directly and make a comment.

“Thank-you for your change”

Just my change? Well that clearly doesn’t cut it.

This was my thought straight after he made the comment. Sure, he meant it. He was genuinely thankful, and unfortunately didn’t seem to have too much custom. But, just my spare change? Is that all I will give to charity?

Situation: now rectified.

God doesn’t give us his leftovers at Christmas. He gives us salvation through his Son. If we’re to give like God, we’ll be tossing more than just a few coins into a bucket.

Yours in giving more than just spare change,


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