Advent 2021 #19: Popular Worship

This year, along with my usual Christmas gifting items of jam and Christmas bling beanbags, I’ve added the Scandi Christmas cushion covers. You like?

I quite like. Although, I am a tad concerned that they won’t fit a standard cushion insert, but that’s another concern for another day. For now I’m just going to enjoy the fact that they look pretty decent.

A Scandi-style Christmas in Australia appears to be considered très, très chic, or at the very least, it’s become noticeably popular in recent years. I do wonder what the Scandinavians themselves think of the style. Perhaps to them it is somewhat passé.

Yet Down Under it appears to be about as chic as Christmas can be right now.

And I’ll be the first to say that I love the look of it. The Nordic whites and light blues are just stunning when ensembled together as décor.

Yet it kinda bugs me at the same time, as it seems to be that it’s all about the presentation. One website I found talked about buying a ‘hide’ (see step 2) which seems to be to be taking it a little too far for a start. It does also makes me wonder if it’s just about showing off, if your chief concern is to ‘ground your look’.

Furthermore, there’s the reality that the floor isn’t the only thing that’s being hidden here. When the focus on décor takes over Christmas, what has happened to Jesus?

Has making our places look super swanky in December turned into a new form of worship and the tiny baby who the Kings from afar came to worship, disappeared in the process?

It appears that the cattle once lowing, are lowing no more. Now, they’re a hide on the floor and have swallowed up the manger along with them.

Christmas is a time of worship. However, a good question to ask ourselves is ‘what actually am I worshipping?’

I’m going to ask myself that question too, as I continue sewing my cushions.

Yours in the sewing room,


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