Advent 2021 #20: Flocks and Socks

On Saturday night, I was at Sydney’s Darling Harbour with some friends. Those good people at the Darling Harbour precinct decided to put on some festivities for the season called, Deck the Harbour.

When I finally got into the city – who cancels a ferry to the city at 10 past 6 on a Saturday night?? – it was a great festive vibe. Lights, music, food… plus more lights, more music and more food. And all at outdoor venues. We had a great night together.

Part of the festivities included people dressed in white – they looked like butterflies to me – and wandering around for people to take photos with them.

There are three reasons why I can’t tell you exactly what these people were dressed up as though.

  1. I’d finally made it to the venue after 1 hour and 50 minutes (no joke) and was seated on the grass, with my dinner and didn’t particularly care about anything much else at the time.
  2. Directly behind me was a potted Christmas tree which blocked my view somewhat.
  3. The number of people who flocked to these people in costumes cumulatively led to my view being blocked completely.

It was extraordinary. There was a rush. A crowd literally formed instantaneously, with a zealously fervent need to have their photo taken with some random people dressed in a costume.

I couldn’t help but think ‘How is it that people are so easily pleased, even fascinated and are not excited by the message of Christ’s salvation and birth at Christmas?’

What are you rushing towards this Christmas?

The next purchase of socks and jocks for someone? The perfect Christmas ham from the supermarket? Some random stranger dressed up in a costume?

Or the King of Kings, born to save the world?

We need to be more like the shepherds and Magi to experience true ongoing Christmas joy. A happy snap won’t last for too long.

Yours in the city,


Photo by Luna Lovegood on

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