Advent 2022 #21: Read a Book

These Advent posts now appear to have taken a covid induced turn. This week is looking like having a few posts on the benefits of isolation in the lead up to Christmas.

Yesterday, was stopping and reflecting.

Today, it’s reading a book.

In fact, I’m reading a few books at the moment. Typical. I’ve usually got a couple on the go.

Some are to do with Jesus. Others are not. However, I always try to connect what I read to what I believe. Even if it’s to simply say that I have to part ways with the author at most of their ideological points.

There’s still value in that.

In the lead up to Christmas, have you stopped for enough time to pick up a book? To read and digest what it has to say and to question whether you agree with the writer or not?

And ask, how the writer shows you something about Jesus – regardless of whether they intend to or not?

Christians believe that Jesus created everything; everything was created through him and for him. He was before everything and he holds everything together.

So, even in the pages of a book that has seemingly nothing to do with him, he’ll be there – somehow. We need to have the faith to go looking for him though.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Virginia Woolf or Ruth Graham (random examples 😉) we can still ask those questions as we approach the day on which we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Yours in a book or two,


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